2 New Combo Treatments Just For You

Combination therapies are trending and with good reason. “The treatments can build on one another,” explains Ivana Ben at Austin Clinic’s Sanctuary. “Combination therapies can also help save my patients time and money.” She notes, however, that while some treatments may be complementary, they should not be performed on the same day. For example, microdermabrasion and a chemical peel should be spaced out from two to three weeks to avoid problems.

by | Feb 5, 2024

Ivana Helps You Understand and Treat Skin Problems

Ivana Ben is the Sanctuary’s skin guru with 20 year’s experience in the specialty field known as dermal therapy. Her background makes her uniquely qualified to assess and treat skin concerns, whether they be cosmetic in nature, such as acne, as well as other skin issues associated with ageing and sun damage.

Ivana is a wellspring of information and communicates with patients in a way that makes them feel heard, understood, and informed. “I evaluate my patients as individuals with unique-to-them skin concerns, health issues, and lifestyles,” says Ivana.

Giving Your Skin Everything It Needs

A full consultation begins your combination skin treatment at Austin Clinic’s Sanctuary. “I use what I learn about each patient, along with my training, to develop bespoke treatments to rejuvenate skin and help clients achieve a more youthful, glowing complexion.” A traditional 90- or 75-minute facial is the first step.

Then the magic begins. Ivana can recommend one or several non-invasive modalities to take rejuvenation to the next step. Two of the most in-demand are:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Age, fluid retention, diet and lack of sleep all contribute to eye bags, which continue to confound doctors and patients alike. Manual lymphatic drainage, the focus of a study at Australia’s Flinders University, found that massaging the network of vessels and organs beneath the skin can improve lymph system function and work to rejuvenate eye and facial skin.


Sonophoresis harnesses ultrasound to enhance the delivery of topical medications through the stratum corneum to the epidermis and dermis. The painless vibrations open small spaces between skin cells, allowing better absorption of vitamin serums, skin softeners, and moisturisers.

When You Want More

Many clients use a session with Ivana as a springboard to book other treatments. Among the most requested:

  • Brow shaping
  • Lash Tints
  • Skin Peels
  • Back Facials
  • Microneedling

Our People Make Our Treatments Better

We live in amazing times when it comes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and refreshing an ageing face. Evolving skin treatments like the ones described above make treating common problems easier and more effective than in the past. Yet, without the proper human component – the right person behind the diagnosis, prescription, and treatment of a skin problem – even the best new techniques are doomed to fail.

At the Austin Clinic Sanctuary, we credit our success to our people. Their skill, training, and genuine dedication to patient happiness make everything we do better. We invite you to contact us today, schedule an appointment, and get ready to feel your best!