Cooltech – Fat Reduction

Cooltech is the safest new machine in body contouring treatments. Using controlled cooling technology it is easy to sculpt you a new body shape by getting rid of those unwanted fat cells for good. Cooltech removes 20-30% of fat in the targeted area in just one treatment and is suitable for almost anyone. It is designed for those areas of stubborn fat that are resistant to diet and exercise and works particularly well in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. The beauty of Cooltech is that it can be done with minimal impact on your regular routine. It is a quick, safe and non-invasive treatment that will have you out the door and back to work in just over an hour.

As everyone is a different size and shape we customise all of our treatment plans for Cooltech procedures. Individual treatment plans are designed with your body, goals, lifestyle and budget in mind. A treatment plan often involves more than one treatment as we are sculpting a new body shape. With multiple applicators of different shapes and sizes we can treat most areas of the body.

Cooltech is one of the safest fat reduction treatments on the market. It is non-surgical, has no downtime and does not require anaesthesia or painkillers. In fact, most of our patients read, watch a movie or work on their laptop while having the treatment done. So why not come in for a complimentary assessment?

How does Cooltech work?

The science of Cooltech

Cooltech uses cryolipolysis which is controlled cooling technology to safely and effectively freeze unwanted fat cells. A vacuum applicator is applied to the area which holds it between cooling panels at a set temperature for up to 70 minutes. This triggers a process called Apoptosis and your body takes care of it from there. In the months following your treatment those unwanted fat cells are slowly absorbed and naturally processed through the lymphatic system.  As this process takes a few months to reach completion the skin in the area will tighten like it would if you were to lose weight naturally. Therefore, there is far less risk of loose skin than there is with liposuction.

What areas can I have treated?

Cooltech can be used to treat most areas of the body depending on the size and shape of the fat pocket. The areas that have been approved for treatment are the:

  • Stomach
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Arms
  • Under chin/neck
  • Muffin top/flank
  • Bra flank
  • Banana roll/under buttocks
  • Knees
  • Bra puff

How long does each treatment take?

The treatment time depends on the size of the area being treated. Small areas only take 40 minutes whereas other areas take 70 minutes. The Cooltech machine is dualsculpt capable which means it is also able to treat 2 areas at once depending on the location of them, enabling you to get on with your day faster.

Are the results permanent?

Yes. Cooltech fat reduction is a permanent treatment. The body naturally removes those treated fat cells during the months following your treatment. It is a great non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

When will I see results?

Initial results may start to show as early as 3 weeks after the treatment but the biggest change is usually seen between 8 – 12 weeks post treatment. The area will continue to change for up to 16 weeks post treatment. If more of a reduction than 20-30% is desired the area may be retreated at 8 weeks.

Is it safe?

Yes. Cooltech is proven to be a safe and effective treatment for non-surgical fat reduction. Over 1 million treatments have been performed across 40 countries.

What does it feel like? Is it painful?

As the applicator is attached a sucking sensation can be felt along with some pressure and cold. It is a very unusual sensation and some discomfort can be felt initially as the body adapts to it. Usually this discomfort dissipates after the first 10 minutes as the area becomes numb. During the treatment most people are quite comfortable and tend to read, work on their laptop, watch a movie, listen to music or even take a nap.  After the treatment is finished your clinician will detach the applicator and begin to massage the area. The area will begin to thaw as this happens. Some people find this a bit uncomfortable as the blood circulation returns but the massage is a necessary part of the procedure as it greatly improves the efficacy of the treatment.

Do I need a consultation?

Yes. Cooltech is not a one-size-fits-all type of treatment. We need to assess your body to determine whether this is the best treatment for you and to customise a treatment plan for you. Not everyone is suitable for Cooltech. We need to make sure you have the right fat and enough of it to be able to give you the results you are after.   To contour you a new body shape we need to assess the size and shape of your fat pockets to ensure we have applicators that fit them as people have different body shapes and sizes.  We also need to discuss with you what your desired outcome is as that will effect your treatment plan, ie. Someone looking to get their bikini body back and someone looking to fit better in their clothes are going to need a different number of treatments. Cooltech reduces an area by 20-30% of the fat in one treatment so depending of your desired outcome you may need more than one treatment in the same area.

What happens during a consultation?

During a consultation a brief medical history is taken to collect any relevant information that may highlight any contraindications before we assess your body. We will then ask you to remove your clothes so that we can accurately assess your area of concern.  An assessment may involve photographs of the area of concern and the clinician will feel or pinch the fat pockets gently to determine suitability.  Afterwards the clinician will discuss your goals with you. This will enable them to give you an accurate quote as to how many treatments you will need to reach your goal.

How much does a Cooltech treatment cost?

Pricing is determined by the size of the area being treated, so it does vary.  A small area starts at $400, a standard area starts at $600 and a large area starts at $1200. These costs are determined by the size of the applicator used. Often more than one treatment is required to create a new body shape and give the desired outcome. To give an accurate quote of how many treatments are needed we will need to see you for an assessment of the area you are concerned with.

How do I know if I am a good candidate?

Cooltech was specifically designed to target those areas of stubborn fat that are resistant to diet and exercise however it is a body contouring treatment, not a weight loss treatment. It is a great non-invasive alternative to liposuction. To determine your suitability we will need to see you for an assessment. Come in for a complimentary consultation and see what we can do for you. There is no obligation to go ahead with treatment after your consultation.

How will the area feel after my treatment?

Straight after your treatment the area may be red, swollen and numb. The redness usually goes away as the area returns to its normal body temperature. The swelling may last for up to 2 weeks though. It is quite common for the treated area to be numb for a few weeks after. It may also feel a bit tender or bruised for a couple of days to a couple of weeks after. As the fat cells start to die off the area may tingle, become itchy or sting a little. This is very normal. None of these side effects should stop you from doing your normal activities. In rare cases temporary neuralgic pain may be felt in the area for a few weeks after treatment. In which case scripted medication may be provided. Cooltech is a very safe procedure but is not suitable for everyone. An assessment must be done to determine suitability.

Can I return to normal activities after my treatment?

Yes. The procedure is completely non-invasive so there is no downtime.

Do I need to change my diet or follow an exercise program?

No. There is no need to follow a diet or exercise program in order for the treatment to work however we have found that people tend to reach their goals faster if they are conscious of what they are eating and exercise regularly. Cooltech is not like having gastric band surgery. It will remove the fat cells but will have no impact on your eating habits. That is up to you.

What happens if I gain weight down the road?

Cooltech is a body contouring treatment so we help to sculpt you a new body shape. This new shape is not going to change if you gain weight, you will just put weight on evenly all over your body. However, we have found that most people tend to take better care of themselves after having a treatment like this.