Dr Susan Austin

Dr Susan Austin

» MBBS (NSW) 1982
» Dip. Practical Dermatology (Hons) Univ of Wales 1999 (Welsh Qual.)
» Short Certificate Course in Dermatology Monash University 2002
» Member of the Cosmetic Physician’s Society of Australasia and past Board member
» Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery
» Certificate of Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery
» Diploma of Dermatoscopy and Dermatoscopy masterclass attendance x 3
» Online tutor for The Diploma of Practical Dermatology (Welsh Qual.)
» Diplomate of the American Board of Laser Surgery

Dr Susan Austin is the owner and director of the Austin Clinic. She is a medical practitioner with over 20 years experience as a general practitioner. She graduated from the University of NSW in 1982. She has always had an interest in Dermatology and Cosmetic medicine and has trained with Plastic and Vascular Surgeons.

She achieved Honours in her Diploma of Practical Dermatology at the University of Wales in 1999 and has undergone many training courses involving Dermatology, Laser, Cosmetic medicine, Skin cancer medicine and surgery.

Dr Austin’s interests include Cosmetic Medicine and the treatment and management of Skin Cancer and Skin Conditions. Her specialties include scar treatment; the treatment and management of acne; the treatment of pigmentation and facial veins; sclerotherapy (the treatment of leg veins); fat loss through the latest in Coolsculpt technology; minor surgical procedures; dermatoscopic diagnosis of skin cancers and non-surgical Rhinoplasty. She also has a special interest in helping to prevent and reverse the signs of ageing through dermal fillers, muscle relaxants, Broadband light procedures and chemical peels. Dr Austin also treats skin conditions like Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis, Alopecia and Psoriasis.

Dr Susan Austin

Dr John Kessel

» MBBS (University of Western Australia) 1981
» Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics 1987
» MBA (Australian Graduate School of Management – University of NSW) 1990
» Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor – Skin Cancer College of Australasia (SCCA)
» Advanced Clinical Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery – SCCA
» Certificate of Dermoscopy – SCCA
» Member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr John Kessell is a medical practitioner with a special interest in skin cancer and cosmetic treatments. He treats skin cancers employing a broad range of therapeutic options. Dr Kessell has also had training in surgical procedures to remove skin cancers and strives to achieve a great cosmetic result. He regularly assists a plastic surgeon in the operating theatre with skin cancer cases.

Dr Kessell understands the very personal nature of cosmetic treatments. He brings a calm, supportive and reassuring manner to discussions about delicate subjects such as reversing the effects of ageing and dealing with nature’s little imperfections. He understands people often feel self-conscious discussing these topics, so he creates a safe and comfortable environment that encourages open conversation.

Dr Kessell believes that effective treatment of common but distressing skin conditions, like acne, rosacea and eczema, is an art just as much as a science, and requires a highly personalised approach.

Dr Susan Austin

Dr Karley Heyworth

» MBBS (Honours)
» Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine

Karley is a practising GP with over 30 years experience who has a special interest in skin. She previously worked in the eastern suburbs as well as locally on the northern beaches of Sydney before joining Austin Clinic. She performs vital skin cancer diagnosis, surgical and non-surgical treatments and on going management.

Dr Susan Austin

Dr Yalda Jamali

» Bachelor of Medicine (University of Manchester, UK)
» Bachelor of Surgery
» Masters Degree in Clinical Dermatology
» Post-graduate Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine
» Medical Fellow, Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Yalda Jamali (MBChB) is a UK qualified doctor specialising in non-invasive medical cosmetic treatments. She has far-reaching experience and expertise in a range of skin rejuvenation treatments that allow her to offer bespoke facial contouring at the highest level. She is skilled in the use of cosmetic injectables to contour and mitigate tear troughs and achieve non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Dr Yalda’s aesthetic sense and medical skills enable her to create subtle, natural-looking lip filler results that clients want. She does this while maintaining focus that each procedure is personalised and appropriate to an individual’s unique needs. Dr Yalda has an eye for detail and her clients regard her as a personable, results-oriented doctor. She has earned a reputation for going above-and-beyond to ensure her clients are completely satisfied with the results they achieve.

Above all, Dr Yalda never overlooks skin health in the quest for skin beauty. She has a passion for teaching and has dedicated a large portion of her cosmetic career to teaching in the field. She is currently a clinical trainer for Merz Australia.