Bunny Lines

Bunny lines and tiny creases around the nose have never been easier or quicker to correct.

Nose wrinkles are the small, slightly diagonal creases that appear on the bridge of the nose and above both nostrils. They are referred to as bunny lines, because of their resemblance to a rabbit’s face when it scrunches up its nose. The Austin Clinic skin experts are skilled at treating bunny lines and restoring smooth-looking skin to the nasal area.

Expression lines (including nose wrinkles, eye wrinkles, marionette wrinkles) form when facial muscles move to smile, frown, show surprise, etc. Over time, the muscle that controls the movement around your nose (the nasalis muscle) becomes weakened. When it can no longer do its job, the wrinkles remain permanently etched into your face. Another factor is the loss of subcutaneous volume in the nose, a natural part of the ageing process.

Cosmetic injectables are the most popular solution to bunny lines. Austin Clinic puts a premium on patient comfort, so a numbing agent is applied to the skin prior to the treatment itself. Injections are used to weaken or paralyse the nasalis muscle. The needle itself is very fine, and in the hands of experienced professionals, the injection seldom causes much pain. Dermal fillers may also be used to correct deeper, well-established wrinkles and lines. In some cases, the two injectables may be used to complement one another. Improvement is immediately apparent and builds over time, with benefits lasting from four months to a year.