Crows Feet

Crow’s feet and eye wrinkles can be corrected with or without surgery.

A mark of the expressions we make, eye wrinkles can help give our faces personality. When they become too plentiful, however, they can be unwanted. At Austin Clinic, we are experienced with both traditional and new techniques for getting rid of crow’s feet.

The eye area is delicate and the skin there is vulnerable to UV rays and pollution. The area also has a limited number of oil glands, so the skin there is drier, less supple, and more likely to allow crow’s feet to develop. When they do, some patients choose to have them corrected as part of a complete facelift.

For patients who do not want to undergo surgery, Austin Clinic’s skilled injectors have experience with a variety of cosmetic treatments that can help. Neuromodulator injections are the most popular treatment for crow’s feet. The injections inhibit muscle movement, which makes it less likely that crow’s feet will develop. Filler injections are useful to plump creases at the inner corner of the eye. A numbing substance is used to ensure patient comfort throughout the treatment.

Microneedling is another alternative. By creating controlled wounds in the upper layers of the skin, microneedling signals the body to create more collagen, thus plumping the skin. Light therapy can also be used. It also triggers collagen production, but unlike microneedling, causes no damage to the surface of the skin.