Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

There are many different nose shapes – some are large, some small, some hooked, some flared, some wide, some collapsed, and some have bumps and some have dents causing asymmetry and attracting the eye.  Some noses are asymmetrical when viewed from the front, or on profile there may be an unsightly bump or hollow.  The cause of different nose shapes or deformities can be hereditary or as a result of an accident leading to a fracture or even from surgery (such as septoplasty or rhinoplasty) that has not been successful or resulted over time in a collapse of the nasal support structure, often the cartilage.  The bones in the nose are paper thin and very easily damaged.

Many people are just not happy with their nose in one way or another but find the idea of having nasal surgery daunting to say the least.  They might be concerned about the anaesthetic or the possible complications of surgery such as infection or they have a fear that the result may not be exactly what they want.

At the Austin Clinic we have developed a non-surgical procedure whereby we can safely inject long lasting dermal filler to correct different types of dents or bumps and make a more attractive nose or smoother contour.  We use local anaesthetic cream and ice and the product injected also contains local anaesthetic, and is injected in a very gentle and cautious way so the procedure is very comfortable for most patients. 

Sometimes the injection of filler is performed over two sessions to ensure the best outcome and to allow the initial filler to settle.  This technique is not suitable for all nasal defects and a first step is always a consultation with one of our doctors at the Austin Clinic to if this is the correct technique.  It may be that surgery is the only option and we can refer patients to some excellent surgeons if that is the case.

Another technique is to use injectable muscle relaxants with or without dermal filler to correct some muscular defects in the nose area causing lines or wrinkles such as bunny lines, or an abnormal nostril shape and deep nasolabial or cheek to mouth folds.  Similarly we can correct a gummy or toothy smile with muscle relaxants judiciously placed near the nose.  It is always best to discuss all the options with one of our doctors before a final decision is made as to the correct treatment path.

So as with non-surgical face-lift for both noses and faces there are some excellent non-surgical alternatives available.