• Knife-less option to remove raised skin imperfections
  • Lunch hour treatment
  • No downtime needed

Radiosurgery is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment option that delivers superior results to scalpel-based surgery in the removal of raised skin imperfections. With its unparalleled control, precision, versatility, and safety, radiosurgery permanently eliminates birthmarks, skin tags, lumps, bumps, and cosmetic moles on the face and body.

Radio-wave technology in the form of the Ellman Surgitron machine allows patients at Austin Clinic to correct skin imperfections with minimal pain. A preliminary examination and discussion with Dr Austin is necessary to rule out skin cancer. (Should a lesion look suspicious, a biopsy will be taken and sent for analysis.)

A local anaesthetic is injected to numb the treatment area to ensure patient comfort. A platinum wire is used to vaporise the mole or skin tag layer by layer. It can then be gently shaved away to lay flush with the skin. A scab forms and will fall off in a week to ten days.

There are no incisions with radiosurgery. There is no cutting, no bleeding, and no heat is applied, which contributes to fast healing and minimal scarring. The skin imperfection removal procedure is quick and painless and appropriate for all patients except those with pacemakers.

Note: Radiosurgery is appropriate for raised cosmetic moles only. Removal of flat moles with this method would cause a skin indentation.