Skin tags, lumps & bumps

There is now a safe way to remove cosmetic moles, lumps and bumps without any need for stiches!

At the Austin Clinic we use our Ellman Surgitron to remove cosmetic moles, lumps, bumps and skin tags. The Ellman uses radio-wave technology to remove these lesions with minimal pain. With this procedure scarring is minimised, as it does not cause damage to the surrounding tissue.

Lesions that can be treated with the Ellman include cosmetic moles, seborrhoiec keratoses, verruccas, skin tags and other raised lumps and bumps.

Only raised cosmetic moles can be treated this way. Flat moles cannot be treated in this way, as it will leave an indentation in the skin. Dr Austin has had a large amount of experience in skin cancer, and if the lesion looks suspicious at all a biopsy will be taken and sent to pathology for analysis.

The procedure is very quick and painless. Firstly, some local anaesthetic is injected into the lesion, so that no pain is felt during the procedure. Then, once the area is numb, the mole is simply shaved away so that it is flush with the skin. There is no bleeding as the surrounding blood vessels are sealed off. No stitches are required, as the skin has not been cut.