Hair Loss & Alopecia

You can fight back and win against thinning hair, hair loss, and alopecia.

When you lose more hairs than you grow, you have a form of alopecia. The experts at Austin Clinic have the skill to get to the root of this troublesome problem and the experience to recommend an effective, personalised treatment.

You are not alone. Hair loss impacts people of all ages, genders, and ethnicity. It may affect self-esteem and confidence. Hair loss has many causes ranging from thyroid disease to genetics, to childbirth, to chronic illness and simple ageing. A lack of protein in your diet, medications, and even improper hair care can cause or worsen the situation.

The Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation reports that 2% of the population will be affected by hair loss at some point in their lifetime. In some instances, hair will spontaneously begin to regrow. More often, at-home medication and in-clinic treatments are the best option to prevent further hair loss and encourage growth.

Austin Clinic offers a variety of ways to slow or reduce hair loss or stimulate partial regrowth. Prescription and topical medications are convenient and effective, particularly when coupled with early diagnosis. They are even more effective when combined with treatments such as microneedling and laser. Corticosteroid injections offer still another solution.

Most patients see results in a matter of months, with maximum regrowth occurring after approximately one year.