Common skin cancers

Nearly all skin cancers can be cured if diagnosed and treated early, often with no surgery required.

Skin cancer is a group of abnormal cells that form a lump or mass, commonly known as a tumour. Melanoma is the deadliest and most aggressive of skin cancers. Non-melanoma skin cancers, caused primarily by sun exposure, are the most common cancers in Australia according to the Cancer Council. At the Austin Clinic, our knowledgeable skincare experts have the skill to identify specific cancers, plus the experience to know the best options for moving forward with treatment.

While many cancers are not life-threatening, all unusual skin growths should be assessed, diagnosed, and treated promptly. If left untreated, even less dangerous skin cancers such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma can spread below the skin, damaging a bone.

The type of skin cancer you have, how much it has spread, and your general health, are all factors that will help us decide how to help you. In some instances, surgical excision or Mohs surgery may be required. The good news for patients is that several techniques other than surgery have been developed to stop the spread of less dangerous cancers.

Austin Clinic offers a range of non-surgical treatments that patients find less invasive and stressful. They include photodynamic light therapy, chemical peels, topical medications, and cryotherapy. These treatments rely on state-of-the-art technology to kill non-melanoma tumours in nine out of ten patients, according to the National Health Service.