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Liquid Facelift

As we age unfortunately gravity and loss of collagen and bone structure often cause loss of volume and a sagging of the facial features resulting in lines and deep grooves. Where there was once cheekbones and cheeks there are often hollows and areas of volume loss. Many years ago the only treatment option for this dropping of facial features, loss of fat/volume, and formation of jowls was a surgical facelift.

However now that we have such excellent long lasting dermal fillers and muscle relaxants making someone look younger in a soft and subtle way is something that can be achieved in a s little as half an hour.  The techniques used  to inject these products which include topical anaesthetic, skin cooling, nerve blocks and numbing agents in the products themselves mean that the whole procedure is very comfortable for most people.

Theses products can be carefully placed so as to reduce wrinkles, frown lines, the famous mouth frown, jowls and neck bands, and raise brows.  They can also be used to help counteract gravity and give a softer more natural result than surgery.

For some patients plastic surgery is still the best option but many do not want to run the risks of plastic surgery including anaesthetic risks, risks of infection, scarring and other possible complications.

Dermal fillers and the muscle relaxants if used by a medical practitioner who is experienced and well trained are a safe and much less invasive way to rejuvenate the face.  In our practice we try to replace volume loss and soften lines so that rather than leaving people looking “pumped up” with big lips and cheeks, we like our patients to achieve a younger look in a more subtle way.  Our patients like to look fresher, like they have just come back from a holiday, and rather than a friend or family member saying “Have you had work done?” what we often hear is that people say to our patients “you look well!”.