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There are many forms of skin tightening available these days ranging from cosmetic surgery through to the non-invasive procedures that we offer at the Austin Clinic. The procedure we offer does not require surgery and has no ‘down time’.

The main procedure we offer for skin tightening is performed using our Pelleve machine.

Pelleve Skin Tightening is a revolutionary innovation for tightening the skin on the face, neck, chest and other areas. It smoothes mild to moderate wrinkles while tightening and lifting the skin. Using radiosurgical technology, it is a safe, proven and non-invasive procedure with minimal side effects and discomfort. This process allows the area treated to renew and tighten, creating a more youthful looking you.

During the Pelleve procedure the deep layers of your skin are heated using advanced Radiowave technology. This process does not damage the epidermis or top layer of your skin. A typical treatment takes between 30 minutes to an hour. This process stimulates the collagen regrowth in your skin causing it to contract and tighten. The result is an improvement in skin quality, firmness and tightness you can see and feel.

There is no ‘down time’ with the Pelleve procedure but during the treatment, mild discomfort is sometimes felt. Tautness, mild swelling and slight redness of the area may occur but this typically disappears within 2 to 24 hours.

It is important to keep the skin well hydrated and protected from the sun for optimal results.

We also offer skin tightening with our Broadband light machine. Please ask our doctor about this treatment during your consultation.

Skin Tightening

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