Chest Lines

Chest lines and wrinkles can be corrected using a wide range of minimally invasive treatments alone, or in combination, for ultimate skin rejuvenation.

There have never been more beneficial options for erasing unwanted chest lines and crepey chest skin. The experienced skin experts at Austin Clinic can help you identify the best treatment for chest lines based on your unique needs.

The skin on the chest is quite thin. If you stop your daily sunscreen application at your jaw, you are leaving vulnerable skin unprotected. The wrinkles and crepey skin that develop are most commonly related to UV damage. Ageing contributes further to the development of chest wrinkles. As we age collagen production decreases, which reduces skin elasticity. At the same time, the dermis thins and is unable to retain enough moisture to keep skin hydrated.

Many of the same treatments used to correct facial wrinkles can be used for chest wrinkles. Laser treatments can erase chest wrinkles and also treat any skin discolouration due to sun damage. Chemical peels offer another approach, removing the outermost layer of the skin, allowing a fresher dermal layer to develop. Medical-grade topical lotions and creams can be used to stimulate collagen production. Austin Clinic generally does not recommend dermal fillers for chest wrinkles, as the benefits fade, but it is appropriate for some patients.