Join Austin Clinic’s Rewarding Eco-Initiative

We love beauty at Austin Clinic, but we are profoundly aware of the waste we generate and its negative effect on the environment. Unfortunately, there are not always eco-friendly products and treatments available that do not compromise patient safety and welfare.

While we wait for science to give us better tools to work with, we work to reduce our carbon footprint by

  • Recycling what we can
  • Using eco-friendly alternatives when possible
  • Being eco-conscious about product choices
  • Printing on recycled paper

We also support numerous charities that work to better our environment.

Bye Bye Beads, Hello Clean Oceans

None of the beauty products we use at Austin Clinic contain harmful microbeads. Synthetic microbeads are found in a variety of skin care products where they act as bulking agents or abrasives. When they are washed down our drains, their tiny size allows them to bypass water treatment processes. Millions and millions of them make their way into the oceans, harming countless ecosystems during this process before they find their way back into our own food system.

Microbeads have a devastating impact on the creatures that live in our oceans, not to mention all the creatures (like humans) who benefit from the ocean’s bounty. We ask you to remember that your health and beauty choices have far-reaching effects. Please be mindful of this and make eco-conscious decisions when choosing skin care products.

Recycle Containers to Save the Planet & $$$

Recycling is a vital part of eco-health. Unfortunately, many skin care and beauty products and containers cannot be recycled through normal means due to the

  • Inability to clean them out
  • Types of packaging they are made from

In keeping with our eco-initiative at Austin Clinic, we are proud to work with Terra Cycle’s innovative beauty recycling program. Terra Cycle cleans the products and containers and then up-cycles them or melts them into hard plastic, which is then, in turn, recycled. It’s so easy. We will happily accept any of your used skin care products for recycling. No looking for a mailing box. No trip to the post office. Just stop by our practice.

If the need for recycling and our easy peasy acceptance policy isn’t enough to encourage you to participate, we would like to sweeten the deal with this offer:

  • For every one of our products that you bring back you will earn 1 point.
  • When you get 10 points we will give you $10 off your next product purchase over $50.

Contact us today to learn more.