Australia’s Best Skin Care Clinic: Your Bathroom!

by | Aug 2, 2022

When patients prepare to leave the Sanctuary after a skin rejuvenation treatment this month, many will wish they could take home members of our staff and enjoy Austin Clinic’s bespoke skin pampering each and every day. That’s sweet, but impractical. We can, however, come close, with a self-help skincare routine curated just for you.

You see, rather than using a one-regimen-for-all approach, our skincare experts help you put together the best combination of products to treat your one-of-a-kind skin needs. (By the way, recommendations we make are based on your needs, not on a monthly sales goal.)

Unwelcome Winter Skin Twins: Dry & Itchy

When winter comes to Australia, skin is under attack on a variety of fronts. Naturally, chilly outdoor air and artificially heated indoor air combine to deplete moisture in your epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin. When that happens, the epidermis becomes dry and itchy.

Left untreated, dry skin can quickly go from bad to worse. Skin can begin to peel, crack, and even bleed. “Ignoring dry skin is a threat to skin health,” warns Dr Austin. In the same way that little spot on your arm might be a warning sign of melanoma, dry skin can alert you to what the American Academy of Dermatology found to be an increased risk for developing a serious skin infection.

Now that you understand the importance of winter skincare, let’s talk about how to ace it.

After a Skincare Treatment, Do This

Winter is always a good time to visit us for professional skin beauty treatments. “The revitalising treatments you receive can provide the foundation for a whole season of radiant skin from head to toe,” says Dr Austin. That’s especially true when you build on the results you enjoy with a little bit of self-care.

Cleanse and Hydrate

When winter begins to dry out your skin, it’s time to switch to ph-optimised skincare. Not too much acid (too drying). Not too much alkaline (causes breakouts). One option is Allmedic Non-Soap Face & Body Cleanser. It can be used twice daily to prevent dry skin. It’s considered appropriate for all skin types, but we will perform due diligence to make sure it’s right for you.

Layering products is the popular trend of combining products with similar attributes to achieve better results than with a single product alone. AllMedic offers a hydration-oriented serum to use in conjunction with cleansers. It can nourish and protect skin without over-moisturising and clogging pores. This is especially important to people who suffer from acne.

Help for Dry Winter Skin

Try as you might, you may find yourself with skin that’s dry, cracked and damaged by winter conditions. You could just ignore the problem and hope it goes away. (It won’t.) You could acknowledge the problem, but not do anything about it. (That won’t help.) Or you can try Avene Cicalfate Restorative Cream to:

  • Restore and promote an optimal environment for skin recovery
  • Maintain optimal skin hydration levels
  • Preserve skin barrier function

“This is a rich, nourishing cream ideally suited to drier weather,” notes Dr Austin. She adds that is extremely gentle and is safe for everyone from infants to adults.

Winter Blues Have You Seeing Red?

Dry winter weather doesn’t have to leave your skin red and inflamed. Contact us today for an expert solution to your problem.