Christmas Gift Guide: The Only Sunscreen You’ll Ever Need

by | Dec 3, 2021

Happy holiday season! It’s wonderful to welcome people back to Austin Clinic in person because at this time of year we can remind our clients of the importance of sunscreen.

Sunscreen is the perfect gift for anyone on your gift list, including yourself! It’s a gift every Australian needs and one that can make 2022 a little brighter… at least as far as your skin goes.

Understandably, of course, even the best-cared-for skin can show signs of sun exposure. When that happens, we have in-clinic and at-home ways to give you the radiant complexion you want.

A Double-Whammy UV Index

You are probably aware of the World Health Organization’s UV index but may not fully understand it or why it is important. The index measures UV levels from low (0) to extreme (11+). What’s important for you to know is that the WHO recommends sun protection when levels exceed moderate (3).

Australia’s generally closer proximity to the equator, in concert with the sun being more overhead at this time of year, put us at greater risk than some countries in the northern hemisphere:

  • UK index in Australia: 10–14
  • UV index in the UK: 6–8

This makes us more vulnerable to the dangers associated with UV exposure:

  • Premature ageing – primarily related to UVA exposure
  • Skin cancer – primarily related to UVB rays and sunburn

Why Austin Clinic Loves Sunscreen

The bottom line: Sunscreen is your #1 defence against the ravages of UV exposure. As a general rule of thumb you should be applying sunscreen an hour after sun up until an hour before sunset. The UV index is usually low enough during these two hours that you can get away without sunscreen however, we find it easier just to apply whenever outside during the day. Take the time to choose the right sunscreen for your skin type and this applies to make-up products too. Your skin will thank you for it. Revision Skincare’s Intellishade TruPhysical tinted moisturiser is a perfect example.

Intellishade TruPhysical is a skin-loving 100% mineral sunscreen. “This product offers broad spectrum protection with an SPF of 45 and with a formulation containing more than 20 anti-ageing ingredients,” reports Dr Austin.

Vitamin C for Ageing and Sun-Damaged Skin

Vitamin C is the answer. The most potent topical antioxidant in your skin health and beauty kit, “Vitamin C is the gold standard of ingredients, especially as the years go on,” says Vogue Magazine, “As such, getting familiar with the powerhouse antioxidant is essential for any robust skincare strategy.” With the help of this powerhouse and its anti-inflammatory properties, you can:

  • Prevent further sun damage
  • Improve skin appearance
  • Boost collagen production
  • Firm skin

The clinic offers Aspect Dr Active C Serum and other products in the Aspect Dr Line too. “This allows our experts to pair clients with the right ingredient concentration for their unique skin type and create customised skincare regimens,” explains Dr Austin.

Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Treatments

Australia has the unwelcome distinction of having the highest rate of melanoma in the world, followed closely by New Zealand. The Melanoma Institute Australia expects that 16,000 people will be diagnosed with this most aggressive form of skin cancer and 1300 people will die from it in this year alone.

The #1 defence against skin cancer of any kind is a skin cancer check at Austin Clinic. Identified early, the disease can often be managed non-surgically with cryotherapy or topical treatments. “This applies only to pre-cancerous lesions and superficial skin cancers,” points our Dr Austin.

Photodynamic Therapy – Non-Invasive and It Works

Another non-surgical treatment option is Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). It is a two-stage hotcanadianpharmacy therapy that combines light energy with a drug called a photosensitiser, which is designed to destroy cancerous and precancerous cells after light activation. Photosensitisers destroy cancerous and pre-cancerous cells when activated by a specific wavelength of laser-generated light energy. The targeted treatment does not harm surrounding cells.

In addition to conventional PDT, researchers have been exploring the pain and effectiveness of a new approach called daylight-PDTwhich relies on the sun, rather than a machine to supply the activating light. “Current evidence suggests that daylight-PDT is a safe and effective alternative to PDT for thin to moderate AK lesions,” reports Dermatology Times, “but further studies are needed to determine the minimum exposure time necessary to minimize side effects.” It is an excellent option for people with a low pain tolerance.

Make the Right Choice with an Expert Recommendation

Whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive or irritated, the medical experts behind beautiful faces at Austin Clinic can help you identify the best ingredients and products for your unique needs. Contact us for personalised advice and to schedule an appointment.