Bernier Pharmaceuticals

Bernier Pharmaceuticals is proudly Australian owned and their products are locally made. They are based in Busselton, Western Australia. Being in a coastal town they are surrounded by people who enjoy spending time in the sun but they also see the damage it can do as well. Vitamin B3 has been shown to be beneficial in reducing the appearance of sun damage. They wanted an affordable Vitamin B3 cream that could be used on the face and body and so they came up with Solarcare. It has been specially formulated to treat the effects of sun damage while giving your skin the moisture it needs. Solarcare can be used by all skin types but is particularly good for sun damaged, acne prone or redness/rosacea prone skin.

Bernier Solarcare B3

Solarcare B3 Cream

Sizes: 100mL and 500mL

This moisturiser and treatment cream evens out skin tone and hydrates the skin with 5% Niacinamide. Specifically formulated to help reverse the signs of sundamage and redness. It comes in two sizes for your convenience

Bernier Pharmaceutical Solarcare Intensive B3 Cream

Solarcare Intensive B3 Cream

Sizes: 50mL

SolarCareB3 Intensive B3 is a concentrated moisturiser to target specific areas of sun damaged skin. With twice the regular concentration of Vitamin B3 (10% Niacinamide) this light weight, intensive B3 moisturiser is easy to use. Perfect for everyday use, including under makeup.