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Melasma / Chloasma

Freckles, age spots & sun damage

BBL is used to eliminate age spots, sunspots, seborrhoeic keratoses, freckles, birthmarks, hyperpigmentation and other unsightly discolourations of the skin. Treatment for pigmented lesions are based on the same technology as those used for veins, which successfully...
Melasma / Chloasma

Redness & rosacea

BBL Treatment for Rosacea BBL is like laser – except it is less expensive and hurts a lot less than laser. What’s not to love right? Oh yeah, and you won’t need any downtime to hide from the world like laser where your skin often looks a lot worse...
Melasma / Chloasma

Spider & varicose veins

At the Austin Clinic we treat leg veins using a procedure called Sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a very safe and effective way of removing unwanted veins. There is no surgery involved and each treatment only takes half an hour and a portion can usually be claimed back...
Melasma / Chloasma

Facial & chest veins

BBL is ideal for small facial capillaries and veins, Rosacea, vascular birthmarks and even Campbell de Morgan spots (the small red lesions often appearing on the body as we get older). Vascular birthmarks include such things as port wine stains and haemangiomas, which...

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