Cooltech Body Sculpting: The Real Deal

by | Jul 20, 2018

“All my friends have been telling me to get Cooltech to get rid of my baby fat,” a patient gushed to our staff at Austin Clinic. She was a young woman, so at first we thought she was talking about shedding stubborn, hold-over kg’s from her youth. She wasn’t. It turns out that she was a new mum, eager to shed some of the fat pockets that developed after she had a Caesarian section. We had to say no…for now.

Cooltech body sculpting is an effective treatment for love handles, muffin tops, saggy butts, and other unflattering fat build up. It is a proven body contouring technique, but it is not magic. There are things it can do and things it can’t do, and it is definitely not for everyone. As for the new mum, our patient was definitely a great candidate for Cooltech, she just needed to wait a bit because of her Caesarean. She thanked us, saying “I want to be beautiful, but not as much as I want to be healthy.”

In this article, we explain why we asked our patient to put on the brakes (temporarily) and clear up some other misconceptions about shaping your body for the better with Cooltech.

How Long to Wait to Body Sculpt after a Caesarean

“First of all, I’d like to congratulate women who have successfully undergone a Caesarean section and are now mothers to their beautiful children,” says Dr Susan Austin, the owner of our clinic. “I know that you’re eager to look and feel your best for your new arrival, but you’re going to need some patience.”

After-pregnancy belly fat is a great target for Cooltech. The problem is that this procedure, while non-invasive, does use a suction device to lift out the area being treated. The sucking action pulls on the incisions, which can create healing problems. “I recommend that new mothers wait a minimum of six months after a Caesarean before they opt in for a Cooltech Mummy Makeover.”

News Flash: Cooltech Fat Loss is NOT Weight Loss

“My husband said he’d buy me a diamond necklace if I made good on my New Year’s resolution to lose 20 kg,” a patient confided to us recently. “I’m going to get a few Cooltech treatments so I can get the reward without the work.” As with the new mum above, we regretfully had to say no…this time, because Cooltech is not meant to be used as a weight loss aid.

“Many people are unaware of the true nature of the fat on their bodies, reports Dr Austin. “There are actually several layers of fat, some of which respond to treatments like Cooltech and others which require a surgical solution.”

Visceral and retroperitoneal fat layers
are the layers of fat on top of and behind the abdominal cavity. These layers protect the abdominal organs by providing padding. Diet and exercise are the best solutions to this kind of problem fat.

The subcutaneous fat layer
lies on top of the other two layers of these two layers, just under the skin. “We like to call it the inch you can pinch,” says Dr Austin. “This is the excess fat that responds beautifully to treatment with Cooltech.”

Cooltech won’t help you lose weight, but it is great as an after-weight loss body shaper, but it does not replace healthy lifestyle changes when it comes to dropping extra kg’s and keeping them off for good. “If you aren’t active and eat poorly, any fat you lose with Cooltech is going to come right back on,” explains Dr Austin. “The only difference is the ‘where’ of your fat deposits. They won’t come back to the treatment area, but those extra kilogram’s will show themselves somewhere.”

Cooltech is a Hot Topic

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