Dr Austin Gives Biostimulator the Thumbs Up

If you have been following trends in facial rejuvenation, you have no doubt run across the term biostimulator. It’s popular, but is it safe and effective? “The latest big thing is not always the best thing,” says Dr Austin when asked about a facial rejuvenation technique called biostimulation. “It’s not a matter of being sceptical. It’s a matter of being scientific.”

by | Nov 2, 2023

So before offering this treatment in-clinic, Dr Austin reviewed studies and talked to patients and colleagues to learn about their first-hand experience.

What did Dr Austin learn? Some of the highlights are below but suffice to say that Austin Clinic is proud to offer biostimulator treatments to help restore lost volume, collagen, and tighten skin beautifully.

A Welcome Addition to a Skin Expert’s Toolkit

“Biostimulation is a tremendous advancement in facial rejuvenation,” says Dr Austin. “It’s the first new approach to improving skin tone and texture that we’ve seen for a while.” This begs the question: what is biostimulation?

Biostimulation is a non-surgical treatment aimed at restoring facial beauty. A special kind of dermal filler is injected into the dermis to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen. Why is this important?

Less Dermal Filler than Dermal Stimulator

“Collagen is a protein within the human body, responsible for giving skin elasticity and a toned appearance,” explains Dr Austin. The natural collagen produced after biostimulation helps to erase lines and reverse sagging in the lower face.

The most common technique for facial contouring without surgery involves injections of dermal fillers. These fillers plump skin from the inside out with hyaluronic acid. Biostimulators are different. These injections have active ingredients to boost collagen production itself to improve skin’s longer-term texture, tone, and overall health.

5 Injection Spots, 3 Treatment Sessions, Years of Beauty

Dr Austin’s expertise in facial rejuvenation has allowed her to determine key injection spots on the face to maximise the results of a biostimulator treatment. Five identical injections are placed on each side of the face. Patients return three to four weeks later for a second treatment, and then come in for a final treatment at the six-month mark. “The benefits of collagen stimulation can last up to two years though many patients come in for touch-ups,” says Dr Austin.

Biostimulator treatments are perhaps most prized for their ability to deliver facial rejuvenation benefits that are subtle and natural. “There’s no danger of over-plumping with biostimulators,” explains Dr Austin. “It thickens the skin from within but doesn’t make features look over-exaggerated.”

Biostimulation Plus: Combining Treatments

“We live in wonderful times with access to amazing injectable treatments” says Dr Austin. “And we are learning more and more about how to combine those treatments for even more effective skin health and rejuvenation.”

  • Muscle relaxing injections – to erase dynamic wrinkles including frown lines
  • Dermal fillers – to restore volume
  • Biostimulation treatment – to trigger collagen production and plump skin naturally

If you would like to know more about how Austin Clinic can help you achieve your aesthetic goals without plastic surgery, please contact us. We want to help!