Going for Gold with our Broad Band Light Treatment

by | Jun 8, 2018

When men and women visit Austin Clinic for skin rejuvenation, we have a lot to offer, including Broad Band Light (BBL) treatments. BBL is the next generation of tried-and-true intense pulsed light therapy. It’s non-invasive, requires minimal down time, and (get ready to cheer), it takes years off your complexion. BBL therapy promotes the development of skin that’s firmer with improved tone and texture.

Early BBL treatment has even been shown to change the skin’s genetic make-up and to work to prevent future issues. Stylecaster’s article Phototherapy: 5 Things to Know reports on a Stanford University Study that found that “BBL treatments can reverse some of the aging changes that occur in genes of old skin cells, literally making old cells behave like young cells…(Researchers found that) receiving one or more BBL treatments each year over eight years or longer can slow down the appearance of aging—the treatments made participants’ skin look younger and healthier than before they started with BBL.”

Yes, Broad Band Light treatments for skin beauty can do all that and more, too…with one important caveat. We want to share the secret of getting the most out of your BBL treatment. Before we do, however, let’s take a minute to review some basics.

Photo Facial: 5 Ways BBL Makes You Beautiful

“Photo facial” is a friendly term for treatments that use cutting edge light technology, in this case broadband light, to rejuvenate skin. Patients at Austin Clinic choose BBL to correct

  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of facial ageing
  • Sun damage
  • Freckles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Lax skin

Light therapy directs controlled amounts of heat to the treatment area. This damages the skin, but in a positive way. “The damage activates your body’s natural healing process,” explains Dr Austin. “To repair the ‘wound,’ your body produces collagen.” The ultimate result is improved skin tone and texture without the risks and other negatives sometimes associated with the use of lasers.

In truth, however, broadband light is just part of the equation.

It’s Not the Treatment, It’s the Technician

BBL therapy is one of our post popular treatments, in part because it makes facial rejuvenation so easy. “Actually, it isn’t easy at all,” explains Dr Austin. “Our professionals just make it look easy.” BBL technicians at Austin Clinic have been meticulously trained in the use of our medical equipment. The same can’t be said for people working at pop-up skin care kiosks or in other unconventional settings.

Ideally, an individual performing a BBL treatment has a medical background, along with training and experience. That training enables qualified technicians to

  • Assess skin types
  • Diagnose skin disorders such as rosacea
  • Create customised treatment programs based on an individual’s unique goals, skin conditions, physiology, lifestyle, etc.
  • Set proper light levels to prevent unwanted skin damage
  • Avoid scarring
  • Minimise visits due to under-treatment of skin disorder

“It’s unfortunate when someone goes to an unqualified skin clinic and comes out looking worse, instead of better,” observes Dr Austin. “If they come out scarred, it’s a tragedy, and one that could have been avoided.”

Lighten Up

Broadband light therapy may be just the treatment you’ve been looking for to help you repair sun damage, erase lines and wrinkles, smooth skin and generally thumb your nose at the ageing process. Let Austin Clinic be your guide to this and other skin-beautifying “miracles.”