Sustainability in Skincare: Make a Difference with Us

Are you enthusiastic, but also puzzled about skincare brands that claim to be sustainable? You’ve come to the right place. Austin Clinic is keenly aware of the negative environmental impact associated with the beauty industry and of those companies that are working hard to do better. We also know a lack of regulation has created a confusing landscape of false information in advertising about companies pretending to do the right thing. This dishonest and deceitful marketing about a company or product’s environmental impact has become so widespread that it even has a name: greenwashing.

by | Sep 7, 2023

Until things change, it is essential for consumers to work with professionals they trust, to ensure they are choosing brands with a proven and tangible commitment to sustainability. In this article, we review the facts and fallacies about sustainable skincare to help you make the eco-friendly choices that benefit you and the entire planet.

The Three Rs of Sustainability

You can strive for perfection, but it is nearly impossible to create a true zero-waste skincare routine. What is possible is to approach your daily self-care with mindfulness. You can start out slowly and continue to build on your success by keeping the three Rs in mind when making changes in your habits:

• Reduce
• Reuse
• Recycle

Now let’s look at some specifics that will help you do that.

6-Point Checklist for Skincare Brand Sustainability

Sustainable beauty brands have never been more available or in-demand. “A recent study by the British Beauty Council found that of 23,000 beauty shoppers, almost half (48%) are looking for more information, clarity and transparency about beauty brands’ values and commitments to the environment,” reports Elle Magazine. If you’re part of the 48%, you may be wondering how to know if a brand you are considering buying has a negative or positive impact on the environment.

Check a company’s website to do a deep dive (or ask the pros at Austin Clinic for guidance). A company with its eye on beauty for people and the planet:

  • Commits to reducing carbon emissions
  • Develops ingredients that come from renewable raw resources
  • Harvests and uses natural ingredients where appropriate
  • Makes use of upcycled ingredients that would otherwise become garbage
  • Keeps waste and water usage to a minimum during the manufacturing process
  • Uses packaging made from compostable, plant-derived or recycled materials rather than single-use plastics

These initiatives are what beauty companies are doing to make the world better. Now let’s talk about what you can do.

Use It Up, Don’t Throw It Out

Before bingeing on a whole new set of personal care products, the sustainability gurus at Vogue urge, “The single best thing anyone can do is to use what you have before you buy anything else, eco-friendly item or not. And then be thoughtful about how your replacement for that item can be more sustainable.”

One is the Loneliest Number

The packaging of single-use products is all too often an enemy of the environment. Disposable plastic items don’t biodegrade. They end up in heaps on landfills or are incinerated, sending pollutants into the environment. “Microplastics, smaller plastic particles that result from single use plastic breaking down, pollute our water sources and even our food,” warns Greenpeace.

Look for Certification Symbols

One way to spot the good guys in the sustainable skincare market is to check the packaging for certain certifications as to a product’s origins and manufacturing. There are symbols to denote cruelty free, organic ingredients, etc. The important thing is that these certifications come with strict guidelines so you can be assured of the truth of the manufacturer’s claims.

Pick Your Packaging with Care

Packaging is one of the greatest problems created with skincare products. The best products, from an environmental point of view, are those that have no packaging at all, such as a lip balm. When there is packaging, look for materials that can be composted, refilled by you or your skin professional, or simply recycled. The best in class in sustainable, recyclable materials include glass, bamboo, and aluminium.

A Visit to Austin Clinic is a Vote for Sustainable Skincare

A visit to Austin Clinic provides a variety of benefits in your quest for sustainable skincare. You can talk things over with our team and learn the facts about different companies and their commitment to the environment. You can shop from our inventory of environmentally friendly products and take them home with you. That cuts back on all the materials typically required for shipping such as packing paper and packing tape that is notoriously un-recyclable … plus, we love seeing our people in person.

If you have any questions about skincare and health (including skin cancer screenings), use our contact page to reach out to us.