TempSure Comes to Austin Clinic & YOU

by | Feb 15, 2021

There’s a new arrival at the Austin Clinic and we can’t wait to introduce you. It’s TempSure, a multi-function device that makes it easy to plump and tighten skin all over your body. Powered by radio frequency (RF) with new advancements aimed at patient comfort, TempSure is a giant leap forward to fast, pain-free rejuvenation.

Give Your Skin a Lift without Scalpels or Injections

TempSure is an excellent option for people who are needle phobic and/or don’t like the risks associated with surgeries such as liposuction and facelifts. TempSure employs a hand-held device to administer radiofrequency (RF) energy to deep layers of the skin. The heat increases in temperature for a pre-determined amount of time, triggering a controlled healing reaction that addresses skin laxity.

In the study Radiofrequency for the Treatment of Skin Laxity found, “The main physiological effects observed in the studies were the contraction of collagen (short-term effect) and the stimulation of collagen synthesis through the tissue repair process (long-term effect.)”

The production of collagen is a natural body process. For this reason, TempSure (and other RF treatments) offer results that are natural, too: 

  • Fresh, youthful glow
  • Firm, not tight skin
  • Smoother skin

TempSure TLC – Skin Treatment with Your Comfort in Mind

TempSure is a boon for our patients and our medical skin experts alike. Our experts appreciate the system’s Therapeutic Logic Control (TLC). “TLC links treatment time with target temperature,” explains Dr Austin. “This allows us to maintain higher levels of heat for higher levels of effectiveness.” 

Of course, as noted by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, “The safety and efficacy of non-surgical RF or any treatment depends on the experience and skill of the person providing that treatment.” Your team at Austin Clinic are extensively trained, highly experienced experts.

Greater effectiveness does not mean increased pain for patients, just the opposite, in fact. “TempSure’s stimulates your nerves much less than with other devices, which means we can use a higher temperature without any pain, making it faster and more effective,” one dermatologist explained to Marie Claire magazine when the device first received approval. 

Go & Glow with TempSure

A common concern among Austin Clinic skin rejuvenation patients is how long a treatment will keep them on the sidelines. In contrast to laser peels and other more intrusive options, TempSure requires no downtime. You don’t have to hide your face under a scarf and sit at home waiting for the red to go away. You can return to work or play immediately after your visit. No worries.

You will need to worry about sun exposure. You should always use a broad spectrum sunscreen, but it’s especially important that you are vigilant about protecting treated areas exposed to the sun.

Not Sure About TempSure? Ask Us!

Despite the fact TempSure has been firming faces, conquering cellulite, rejuvenating skin and more for a while now, many people are still unfamiliar with its merits. If you’d like to know more about the science behind radio frequency treatments and how RF can help you and your skin, we want to help. Contact Austin Clinic to discuss any aspect of skin health and beauty.