These Zero-Downtime Beauty Boosts Fit Your Holiday Schedule

by | Dec 7, 2022

Time is short and there are only a few more weeks before the start of the Christmas holiday season. Fortunately, no matter how busy your schedule may be, Austin Clinic’s suite of zero-downtime beauty boosters can get you ready and keep you glowing from Christmas to 2023 and beyond.

HydraFacial: The Worldwide Skincare Phenomenon

Studies show a HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds somewhere in the world. There’s a reason for that! This fast, painless treatment both cleans and feeds skin. “A single machine carries out a patented three-part regimen: cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing skin with healing serums,” reports Allure Magazine. Each facial is customised and so are take-away kits filled with products patients can use to enhance and prolong the benefits of their Hydrafacial treatment.

Taming Christmas Acne and Improving Skin Tone with Microdermabrasion

The holidays are fun but stressful, and stress can lead to breakouts. Microdermabrasion is the perfect answer for clients with temporary spots, acne, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and large pores too. Our powerful but painless Clairderm Crystal Slim Microdermabrasion Machine clears pore-clogging dead skin cells to reveal more beautiful skin tone and texture.

Give Your Skin the Gift of Elastin

Vivace is a good thing, only better. It is a hand-held beauty device that combines radio frequency with microneedling to combat visible signs of facial ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Vivace treatments cause the body to naturally increase its production of elastin, making skin look more resilient and youthful.

SkinPen: For the Collagen You Crave

There’s a lot to love about collagen as far as your skin is concerned. Collagen keeps skin youthful by preventing sagging. It keeps skin plump, erasing lines and wrinkles, and making you naturally more youthful. Collagen production decreases with age. It also breaks down due to UV light exposure. “SkinPen microneedling stimulates natural collagen production and cell turnover,” explains Dr Austin, “It improves skin elasticity and can even help fill in troublesome eye hollows.” SkinPen is so versatile it can be used all over the body.

V2 Gives Skin Beauty a Boost

What do you get when you combine a micro-needle injector tool, and a suite of hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and antioxidants? Beautiful skin, that’s what! The V2 Skin Booster uses a three-pronged approach to help rejuvenate dull, dry skin and erase wrinkles and fine lines. There’s no waiting. Your skin will immediately be smoother, supple, and less wrinkled after a fast, 30-minute treatment session.

Reminder: At-Home Skincare Fits Everyone’s Holiday Schedule

If your schedule is too busy for even one of the no-downtime beauty boosts above, Austin Clinic can still help. We recommend you invest in some daily skincare products and make-up such as:

  • Revision Intellishade TruPhysical – Peptides, botanical extracts, and antioxidants in this moisturiser improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps firm and lift skin, and provides antioxidant benefits against environmental stressors. All that, and broad-spectrum UV protection too!
  • Skinbetter Science Tone Smart – If you love your skin and want it to stay beautiful and melanoma-free, this is the product for you. Use it as a primer under make-up or in place of foundation. It provides a heap of protection with just a hint of colour.

Other terrific options include Aspect Minerals’ Synergie Mineral Whip, Synergie Second Skin Crush, Avene Mineral Tinted Compact … all formulated with skin health and beauty in mind.

Home care products will also help you get and keep your glow on for the holidays. It’s our gift to you, so contact us today!