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Chemical Peels

The function of a Chemical Peel is to create an even controlled shedding of several layers of damaged skin cells. The peeled skin is then replaced by new skin, which grows out from the depths of the hair follicles. This new skin, having been protected from exposure to the sun, is fresher and has a more even colouring and a smoother texture. Depending on the depth of the peeling it can remove freckles, brown blotches, scaly sunspots, age spots and wrinkles and can help stimulate collagen regeneration.

The peel solution is painted onto the face in layers and the peel will be timed according to the skin’s response and then neutralised or stopped. Depending on the type of peel you will feel some stinging or burning for a short time. The face will initially feel tight and may look pink for a short period of time. There is usually no discomfort once the peel is finished. Usually there is no anaesthetic required and in most cases there is no time required away from work.

Between days 3 to 5 after your treatment, peeling will commence, the amount of peeling varying according to the type and depth of the initial peel. The degree of peeling does not necessarily correlate with the ultimate results, so that even if you have minimal or no peeling, you will still see benefits.

At your consultation your doctor will advise you on the appropriate preparation of the skin prior to and after the peel. In all cases it is best to reduce sun exposure and tanning before and after the peel.

You should not have the peel if you have active cold sores and should stop any glycolic or AHA products or topical Vitamin A products 5 days prior to the peel. You should not have the peel if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should not start using AHA or topical retinoids until at least a week after the peel and you should not have used Roaccutane within 6 months of the peel.

Chemical peels also work well in conjunction with microdermabrasion, photorejuvenation, hydrafacial and other cosmetic medical treatments.