Vivace – Out with the Old Skin, In with the New

by | Jan 18, 2021

Your body wants you to look radiant. Once a month or so, it tries to shed dead skin cells naturally and replace them with new cells that are shinier, tighter, and less prone to visible wrinkles. Unfortunately, that natural process can be disrupted by everything from a bad skincare regimen to diet and environmental factors. Vivace, an innovative corrective for skin ageing, can step in when your natural processes fail.

The secret to this minimally invasive treatment is its unique combination of several of skin care’s most effective treatment modalities. It combines precise microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy. Vivace is literally the gold standard in collagen induction therapy with 36 gold-tipped needles delivering RF energy at 31 depths of penetration. A specialised treatment serum and a cooling peptide mask complete the Vivace ‘experience’ at the Austin Clinic.

Microneedling Convinces Sceptics of Its Benefits to Skin

“I didn’t take (microneedling) seriously until relatively recently,” says Dr. Kenneth Arndt, medical editor of the Harvard Special Health Report Skin Care and Repair. First introduced 25 years ago, the technique of inflicting controlled wounds to the skin has been widely reviewed since then with more and more studies documenting its benefits:

  • Help for hyper-pigmentation
  • Address actinic keratosis 
  • Correct sun damage
  • Lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Does not affect skin outside the treatment area

Microneedling with Vivace is well-tolerated by most skin types and carries a smaller price tag than other similar treatments, such as laser resurfacing, making it an appealing option. 

RF Therapy: Turning Up the Volume with Collagen & Elastin

Radio frequency therapy (RF therapy) uses safe levels of low-energy radiation to heat the deeper layers of skin to stimulate elastin and collagen production. “RF treatments can be very effective, but they are limited in their scope,” points Dr Austin. “They are best for thin-skinned areas of the body, such as the eyelids and neck.” When combined with microneedling in a Vivace treatment, RF therapy can be used more widely to:

  • Rejuvenate the hands and chest
  • Minimise abdominal stretch marks
  • Treat acne scars on the back
  • Reduce large pores
  • Reduce oil levels in the skin 

When Your Vivace Experience is Complete

“We always include photonlight therapy post-treatment,” reports Dr Austin. “We find it boosts the treatments results and reduces any immediate redness or minor inflammation.”

A series of three treatments is recommended for maximum skin rejuvenation, but more may be needed, depending on skin type and desired results. Dr Austin recommends gentle, post-care treatment for 3-5 days after each session. “If possible, a 7-day break from your normal routine of actives is ideal,” she says. “To help our patients care for themselves during this critical healing period, we developed the Austin Clinic Post-Treatment Kit.” The kit is including in the price of Vivace treatments and V2 Skin Booster treatments, too. 

If you would like to know more about Vivace and other skin-saving treatments, and especially if you are concerned about melanoma and skin cancer, please let our medical experts behind beautiful faces be your guide to a safe, healthy, beautiful tomorrow. Contact us today for advice.