What do Men Want in 2023?

by | Feb 2, 2023

It comes as no surprise that the number of people visiting Austin Clinic and The Sanctuary is spiking. The credit goes to advancements in technology, reduced downtime, and exemplary results. What may surprise you is the number of men we’re seeing in 2023. We’re not just surprised, we are delighted.

It’s a genuine pleasure to introduce new male clients to the wonderful world of aesthetic enhancement. Researchers have found that three times as many men are having treatments today compared to the beginning of the century. The stigma against male cosmetic enhancement has declined, while the benefits of treatment have never been more desirable.

For Men, It’s All about the Face in 2023

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons conducts annual research into a variety of trends. A recent poll into the cosmetic enhancement goals of men found them to be most interested in corrections to:

  • An unbalanced nose
  • Ageing eyes
  • Facial ageing

How they wish to achieve their goals varies dramatically from man to man. While some are comfortable with surgery, others prefer a less invasive approach. We offer both at Austin Clinic and work with each individual to design a personalised treatment plan and follow-up.

A New Nose without Knives or Anaesthesia

The prospect of changing the most central feature on the face is a daunting challenge for men and women, alike. “What if I don’t like the results?” is a question we most often hear. For clients who are rhinoplasty-curious but are hesitant to commit to a new look for life, we have two answers. First, we explain that revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can be used to correct any imperfections from the initial surgery. Then we talk about liquid rhinoplasty.

Neurotoxin injections allow Austin Clinic’s team members to treat muscle defects in the nose that are responsible for problems including bunny lines across the nose, and misshapen nostrils. There is no cutting, no anaesthesia, and minimal downtime. Results generally last from nine to eighteen months.

Fillers are also useful to reshape the nose. They are ideal for anyone who is hesitant to change their nose permanently.

A Solution to Heavy Eyelids without Surgery

At about age 30, both men and women experience a noticeable decline in the production of collagen and elastin. This negatively affects skin volume, elasticity, and resiliency. This can be particularly problematic around the eye area where skin is especially thin. Without the chemical support of elastin and collagen people may be plagued by:

  • Dark circles and eye hollows
  • Protruding fat pads on the upper and/or lower lids
  • Eyelid wrinkles

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is one corrective option. Neurotoxins are another. This workhorse cosmetic injectable that is prized for its ability to erase forehead wrinkles can help with both heavy eyelids and sagging eyebrows.

Prolong It with In-Clinic Treatments and At-Home Extenders

For men (and women) who want to feel confident when they are face-forward on a screen or IRL, anti-ageing treatments and products are at the top of their must-have list. Austin Clinic offers:

V2 Skin Booster – This leading-edge approach to skin rejuvenation combines skin needling with a suction process and a patented formula of hydrating ingredients. There’s no downtime needed and the benefits last up to a year.

Broadband Light – Skin breakouts can make a man feel like a boy again, but not in a good way. The magic box that is our Sciton broadband light machine provides patients with non-invasive medical light therapy to correct problem skin conditions and blemishes.

When all is said and done, however, nothing is better for your face than an at-home skin care regimen. To prolong the benefits of your treatment, we recommend this easy 3-part approach:

Daily Sunscreen – A daily application of sunscreen is essential to skin health and beauty. Good sun habits can protect you from harmful UV radiation to reduce your risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen will also prevent your skin from developing dark and discoloured patches and uneven skin tone. (For skin that has already been compromised, SolarCare B3 reduces the appearance of sun damage.)

Regular Exfoliation – Exfoliation is a wonderful way to get rid of the layer of dead cells clinging to your face and dulling your complexion. Clay is also a wonderful way to exfoliate. Austin Skin’s exfoliating clay mask has AHAs and BHAs to leave skin looking clean and clear. The secret to success is to limit exfoliation to 2-3 times per week so you don’t compromise the skin barrier. Those with sensitive skin should exfoliate just once or twice.

Daytime and Night-time MoisturisingMoisturisers should be used daytime and night-time to help your skin maintain a dewy, radiant glow. Some people use the same creams day and night. We recommend a day moisturiser formulated with SPF to protect against UV exposure and environmental stressors like dry air or pollution. At night, a heavier cream containing ingredients such as “exfoliating acids, retinol and peptides … have anti-aging benefits to renew the skin while you sleep,” reports Forbes Magazine. We suggest Hydrate Rich from the Austin Skin line.

Put Your Face in Our Hands

Rejuvenating faces is our specialty at Austin Clinic. We have treatments along with in-clinic and take-home products to prolong the benefits of your visit with us. It’s easy to book an appointment online. Not ready? Have questions? Contact us by phone or email.