Why You Need to Shake up Your Skincare for Spring

by | Aug 16, 2021

Austin Clinic helped many patients breeze through winter weather by shielding their skin against chafing winds and drying winter temperatures. Now that spring is here, the temperature is changing, the humidity is changing, sun exposure is changing, and you should be changing too… your skincare routine, that is.

Switch to a Lighter Cleanser

One way our patients protected their complexion during winter was with rich, skin-nourishing creams and moisturising cleansers. “The products we recommend create a powerful barrier between winter stressors and skin,” explains Dr Austin. “The changes in climate dictate a change in cleansers.” She suggests lighter formulations. Gentle Cleanse from Austin Clinic’s own product line, softens and nourishes dry skin as it removes dirt and sloughs off those dead skin cells.

Exfoliate Your Skin

When you look in the mirror on a spring morning, the dry, dull, flaky winter skin you see should be a reminder to exfoliate now! “Exfoliation creates a clean, receptive canvas for applying skincare products such as serums and makeup too,” says Dr Austin. Exfoliation can be irritating, but Exfol Liquid Exfoliant contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera to soothe skin. Even with these soothing ingredients, sensitive or compromised skin types may not cope with a liquid exfoliant so be sure to seek advice first on the products that are best suited to your skin.

Spring is for Serums 

Serums are “…packed with active ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin so you can reap all their benefits,” reports L’Oreal Paris. They are also extremely light and ideal for spring use. Serums can moisturise dry winter skin and help smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. “Our Antiox Daily Defence serum is appropriate for all skin types,” says Dr Austin. “It’s gentle, but antioxidant-rich. It is especially useful for patients who have blemish- or redness-prone skin.”

Moisturise with a Lighter Touch

Just as you swap your doona out for a blanket when the weather warms up you should be changing your moisturiser in the summer months too. Too much hydration when the skin doesn’t require it can cause an imbalance in oil production and leave your skin feeling a bit greasy. “A lighter moisturiser will keep skin hydrated but is less likely to clog pores and cause spots,” Dr Austin says. Hydrate Light Moisturiser lives up to its name, providing oil-free hydration that is ideal for warmer weather. 

Make a Commitment to Daily Sun Protection

Many of the patients at Austin Clinics admit they ‘let themselves go’ during the winter months as far as sun protection goes. Not good! “Too much sun exposure can cause photoageing and more importantly skin cancer – like melanoma,” says Dr Austin. Cancer Australia estimates 16,000 new cases of melanoma of the skin were diagnosed in 2020: 1,300 were fatal. Dr Austin hopes spring can serve as an incentive for people to get back on track with not only a skin beauty routine, but also a skin health routine. “Skin cancer checks can save lives,” says Dr Austin. 

Whether your skin is showing signs of winter weather or you’re eager to maintain your radiant complexion, Austin Clinic has in-clinic treatments and an online skincare shop to help you. Not certain what you need? Contact us and we can help you sort it all out.