Get Ready to Party: Skin Treatments You Need For the Holiday Season

by | Nov 15, 2019

When party season arrives, do you get into high gear for celebrating? Whether you plan to attend a round of parties or simply enjoy quiet time at home, you’ll want to feel photogenic in all of those selfies and group photos. Austin Clinic can help you. Booking a facial beauty treatment now will give your skin (and your confidence) a lift.

Twinkly, Not Wrinkly Eyes

Crows feet, the pesky lines radiating from the corners of your eyes, are called dynamic wrinkles. Muscle movement forms them and when you relax your muscles they disappear…until they don’t. Dynamic wrinkles become permanent (static) and etched into the skin as facial muscles lose their strength and their ability to return the skin to its original position. It’s a common problem and makes many people look older than they are, especially in close-up photos.

When all eyes are on you, especially the unforgiving eye of the camera, you want your eyes to look their very best. If crows feet are ageing your face prematurely, an Austin Clinic chemical peel can help. Chemical peels, which may require a short amount of downtime, improve crows feet by removing the outer layer of skin. When new skin emerges, it is smoother and more radiant.

Cosmetic peels aren’t everyone’s cup of time, primarily due to the recovery that can be involved. Cosmetic injectables are another treatment option for crows feet that offer the added benefit of not requiring any downtime. But that’s not all injectables can do…

When “Bunny Lines” Make You Hopping Mad

Scrunching up your button nose is adorable when you’re a baby. A lifetime of that adorable scrunching can ultimately lead to bunny lines, a telltale sign of facial ageing in adults, even Nicole Kidman. “When you smile, the muscles on either side of the nose go into high gear trying to compensate for the reduced movement of the paralysed muscles around the eyes and forehead,” explains Dr Austin.

Cosmetic injectables, specifically a muscle relaxant, can erase bunny lines, as well as crows feet and other visible signs of facial ageing. To soften bunny lines, Austin Clinic injects small amounts of the relaxant on each side of the nose to smooth the wrinkles. Something you should know: poorly administered muscle relaxers injected in the forehead region and area between the eyebrows (the glabella) can actually lead to bunny lines. “Our injectors have superb technique,” says Dr Austin. “Their knowledge of facial anatomy means our patients can look forward to outstanding results.”

Boost Your Likes with a V2 Treatments

Australians love the sun, but over-exposure makes us especially susceptible to skin damage including:

  • Age spots
  • Spider veins
  • Dry skin
  • Ruddy, blotchy complexion

No one wants sun-damaged skin immortalised in a commemorative holiday snap. A V2 skin booster treatment at Austin Clinic corrects sun problems on the face, neck, and décolletage. It restores a natural glow, along with replacing lost firmness and hydration. “Another benefit of this treatment is that it improves skin’s penetrability, so topical treatments are more effective,” notes Dr Austin.

Remove Unwelcome Skin Tags without Surgery

Our cosmetic mole treatment will leave you smiling from ear to ear when it eradicates your moles, bumps, and skin tags, but it won’t leave you in stiches. We use the Ellman Surgitron and radio-wave technology to remove lesions without surgery, and with only minimal pain and scarring. “This beauty treatment is also an important good health treatment,” says Dr Austin. “Changes in moles and spots may be warning signs of a developing cancer.” (Learn more about skin cancer checks.)

You don’t have to wait for Santa to give yourself a gift of skin health and beauty. We want to hear from you today and get the party started.